Monday, August 25, 2008

Prayers for Mia...

As I just got back from having lunch with Ella I got this forward from my mother regarding two of my friends from high school who are now married and expecting their second child...Mia.

My heart is breaking.

Please put Ryan & Michelle Wilkes on your prayerlist. As you know she is pregnant and due in the fall. They have received some frightening news from the doctors that the baby (Mia) has a chromosome disorder. Based on what the doctors told them, the prognosis is not good.Right now, they both feel so hopeless. They are both relying on God to get them through this and to prepare them for what the future holds. Please lift them up often in prayer. I am asking God for a miracle for little Mia.

As I know all to well prayer is a powerful thing (my daddy is proof of that), I just ask that you to pray for Mia, her mommy, daddy and her big brother.

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