Thursday, July 3, 2008

Update on Daddy!

Ella Grace and I headed to Austin yesterday about 3:45 to go give my mother some relief at the hospital. On the way we found out that they were going to be releasing daddy from the hospital, so we went on to Wimberley.

He is now finally able to open his eyes, and he tries to look at you when you talk to him but I know it must be hard. He loved seeing Ella Grace and when he rubbed her foot it cracked her up so I hope that helped the recovery process begin and maybe help speed it up. My parents friends the Hudspeths came by last night after we arrived to check on dad and Dr. Hudspeth seems to think that the shock of the accident is just now setting in. He will answer your questions and will talk a little when visitors come by but it's just in little bursts. He did sleep in his own bed (off and on) last night and he said that was nice.

We have him propped up on the couch and he is just relaxing. He is not hungry and really doesn't want anything so for now we are giving him liquids. We just have to be patient and let his body begin the healing process. The doctors that came and checked him out yesterday afternoon said that since the surgery on his wrist went well and there no complications that there was not anything more to be done at the hospital that he couldn't do at home. I'm all for recovering in your own house.

The facial surgeons are going to re-evaluate him again once the swelling has gone down and then they will have a better idea whether or not to perform surgery on all of the facial bones that were crushed in the accident. Word right now is that they may not have to do those extended surgeries and that the facial bones will heal themselves how they need to.

His face looked better than I imagined yesterday when I arrived, mom said that it was a lot better already. He looks better today too. The swelling is going down and the colors are changing by the hour. His eyes look the worst as they absorbed most of the damage from falling off of a roof and landing on his face.

Mom and I are taking care of him and trying to take care of house stuff so that they can close as planned on July 25th.

I think Ella Grace is the best healing medicine that there is...Keep Praying!

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Anonymous said...

We've had Tim in our prayers since about 4:30 or 5 after it happened I soon as I got the first message. So he's been covered and will continue to be by WUMC prayer team along with multiple others. Heaven has been bombarded I'm sure! The Gentle Healer may be saying "OK, already....I hear and am sending answers faster than you can ask! I love him most you know!"