Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Prayers for My Daddy!

My daddy was trimming limbs off of the roof of their garage yesterday when he fell. My mother was headed to Brownwood and called to tell him that she was leaving and he answered his phone and sounded funny. He said that he had fallen and was laying on the roof and couldn't see anything. She was about 5 minutes from the house and when she showed up he was laying on the ground and his eyes were swollen shut and there was bleeding.

They called an ambulance and after they got thier they decided based on the fact that he had major lesions, bleeding and had fallen on the concrete driveway that they should air flight him to Austin. They had the big helicopter so they let her ride with him into Austin. Mom called Chad and gave him the initial details because she didn't think that she could talk to me. I called her later and she was at the hospital with Daddy in the ER. Daddy was in the back having x-rays and a CT Scan done at that time.

Last night the final word was that he has broken every bone in his face, his right wrist, split his skull and probably fractured his left elbow. He has no neck or back injuries so I am very thankful! He has remained conscious this whole time and is talking. Mom said that he did sleep good last night and that he did start to have some pain in his wrist but the nurse took care of that right away.

I talked to Mom about 8:15 this morning to get an update and he was going into surgery (for his right wrist) . The doctor had just given him his medication when she answered the phone she turned back around to let me talk to him before he went into surgery and he was already asleep...that didn't take long. His surgery is scheduled to last a hour to an hour and a half and then he will be in recovery for another hour. They will wait on the swelling to go down on his face before they schedule those surgeries. Up to this point he is not feeling any pain in his face, on the back of his head, etc. and I think once the wrist is pinned his wrist should feel a lot better also. I know his body has not had a chance to get sore yet and that will come soon.

I'm thankful that he is conscious, talking, sleeping well and that there were no other major injuries.

God is Good...Keep Praying!

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Anonymous said...

We are so sorry. Colorado Lockers are praying for a speedy painless recovery. Pappa and GiGi