Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

I love my Daddy. And, yes, he is still "Daddy," and I hug his neck just like I did when I was little. He'll probably never know how much he means to me.

The Mister is every bit as sweet as my Daddy. In the past nine months, I've watched him grow into an incredible father. I'm sure one day; Ella Grace will look back on all of the times with her Daddy and smile too!
One the day that you were born your Daddy was the first to hold you and touch you. Looking back at the pictures and the way that he looked at you I can see the first time that he was weakened with the power a little girl holds over her daddy. He hasn’t recovered since. You are his world.

I’ve lived with your daddy for six years and let me tell you that the teasing and craziness will likely never stop. It’s how he shows us that he loves us. Poking us. Annoying us. Driving us crazy! Pee Pie you will learn soon enough that this is how boys show they like you. It will start in kindergarten you’ll experience it more in high school and finally marriage. The more they pick on you the more they like you…and to say that your daddy is certainly smitten with us is putting it mildly! We love you, too!
Happy Father's Day!

2 Generations of Daddy Lockers!

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