Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy!

My dad came up Thursday afternoon to spend the weekend with us and to celebrate the BIG Birthday! Mom cooked a birthday dinner so that Chad could join us since he was going to be working cattle all weekend. I think the best part of dinner for Ella was the birthday cake...she takes after her dessert first!

Friday Ella spent the day with the grands and I was informed that her favorite flavor of sorbet is Raspberry...I guess that's what grandparents are for!

Saturday we wandered up to Abilene. We made our first stop at the Santa Anna Store and I wished that I had won the lottery...I'd take one of everything! We visited a few antique stores in Abilene before heading to Buffalo Gap. Mom had read about a flea market going on in and we decided to walk around before we went to dinner...IN-TERR-REST-TING! Heavy on the FLEAS!

I'm not real sure that I didn't step back in time or step into Deliverance (que the squealing pigs!) If your looking for chickens, toilet seats, redneck windchimes, turkey's (yes the animal!), fried twinkies or inbread dogs then this is your place.Heaven.

Don't believe me? Surely you don't think I could make THIS stuff up!

in the midst of all of this creepiness was this beautiful tree...lesson learned - there is beauty in all places if you just look for it!

Mom and I took dad to Perini Ranch Steakhouse for dinner.

Aern't they cute?

Ella people watching staring- I'm not sure where she gets that !?!

She ate so much prime rib she can't even hold her head up

After 5 minutes in the car.out.

It was a great weekend!

We had a great time enjoying your birthday with you daddy! (Sorry about the FLEA market!)

Can't wait until next year! (Without the FLEAS)

Happy Birthday Daddy!

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