Friday, June 20, 2008

And...She's Off!

Little Bit started trying to crawl around April 30th she got it perfected and started the "crawl" a couple of days past her 9 month birthday. From infant to crawling took 9 months but from crawling to extreme crawling to pulling up to trying to stand by herself has taken about 25 days...I'm trying to write it all down so that I can remember these times because as they say...These times are a changin'.

Chad and I are trying to get better about throwing things around the room and watching her go "fetch" them...I REALLY don't want to pay for her therapy when she gets older and has a puppy complex! (notice the remote in the pictures)

Updated: 06/20/08 - She is haulin' ass around the house now...she doesn't wimper or whine when you walk out of the room....she just follows on your heels and stops along the way to put crap in her mouth. She's a turbo crawler.

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