Thursday, May 1, 2008

My Life's Work...

I'm not real sure but I'm thinking that the Mister and I need to have children professionally. We do a pretty good job don't we? Do you think that job would pay good and have good benefits?

Notice in 5 out of 6 pictures the Huge open mouth!

Wonder who she get's that from? Choose your answer wisely!

Edited to Add: All of these wonderful pictures were taken by my friend Kim Peterson; she's with Shugart Studios here in Bwood ~ She'll make your lovelies look precious just like Ella Grace. Give her a call - You'll be glad you did, I promise : 325 - 217 - 2210

*These pictures were scanned using my 1900's style scanner and all of the photoshop madness was done by myself...I like to photoshop instead of work ! So the actual pictures are a lot better quality than they appear here!*

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Danny, Nikki & Gavin said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pictures. She does an awesome job and you did an awesome job of creating that little angel! She is absolutely adorable!!!!