Thursday, May 8, 2008

Lions vs. Colts

It's got to be really hard when you are a Junior in High School in Brownwood, Texas and you can't take your prom date. Why can't you take your prom date you ask? Well, he is kind of high profile and a girl as wonderful as Courtney respects that. She understands that if you actually attended prom she wouldn't get to talk, make out dance, with her date due to all of the "issues".

Can I get your autograph?

Can I get a picture with you?

What was your favorite class in high school...yadda.yadda.yadda.

So all we could do was get Courtney to sneak away from her friends long enough so that we could get their picture and they could spend some quality time together! Lucky for me I got to take the pictures!

Be Still my Heart!

Thanks Courtney for letting us share in your First Prom and standing there while we took thousands lots of pictures!

Maybe next year you will think of us (jj,channa,mister & myself) when they start asking about chaperrones.

What? You don't think I can dance? Who told you that? Whatever!

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