Friday, May 16, 2008

Does Your House Have a Name?

I've been fascinated with this for awhile now. I've sen how many people have come to name their homes.

I like the idea of my home having a name...just like all of the great Plantations of the South. But the big dilemma is what to name our house. If our house was a quaint little yellow clapboard house it would be a cottage... __________ Cottage. But our home doesn't look like a cottage, I would call it the ranch style...not because of all of the dirt and cow poo in the carpets but because of the way that it is laid out.

So do I take into account the Mister and Ella do I come up with a name that encompases us all? Good grief...are you seeing why I'm losing sleep over this?

I heard of a woman who when she first moved into her house the backyard was covered in crabapple trees. She was thinking of naming her home Crabapple House or Crabapple Corner (because she was on a corner lot) but she couldn't decide and in time came to hate the crabapple trees so she was back to square one. We do have a pretty pink Crepe Myrtle in our front yard...maybe we can call our home Myrtle - nope!

But now I'm back to what to name the house? We do live on a corner and have a nice and very spacious lot. We have Pecan and Oak trees in our yards, monkey grass borders the sidewalk and the flower beds (or rock grave yards as I affectionately call them) are full of bushes. that now after living in our house for almost a year and a half have been trimmed - praise the lord and pass the electric trimmer. We do have a front porch and a back patio and our grass is actually green, I put in a ground cover flower bed out back last summer when I was 8 months preggers and the plants actually decided to come back this year. Maybe my black thumb is finally turning green!

I like vintage, i like rustic, i like plants and decorative anything. I just can't commit. The longer I'm in this house the more I love it and I want to give her a name. She deserves that don't you think? I'm puzzled.

Tracey McBride says, "Naming your home is a lovely, easy, and frugal way to embellish the ordinary." Embellish? Did someone say embellish? Where's my be-dazzler gun?

So put on your thinking caps and help a sister out...Does your home have a name?


Hayli said...

I just want you to know how much it means to me eveytime I visit the memories I have of my sisters home and how proud she would be of all the changes!!! You guys have brought the house alive with your unique touches and it means alot to me and my grandparents!!! You guys ROCK!!

Dave said...

You are absolutely hilarious. I ran accross your site looking for a buddy of mines in Nashville. How weird is that? Anywoo..........hope it doesn't freak you out. Great blog!! I need to get my ol lady to blog more often.........

Dave Cowan

TONYA said...

Damn it, something else to add to my list of 100 things to do. Now I want to name my house. Have you come up with a name for yours yet?