Monday, April 28, 2008

Naples, Florida

I am officially 2 for 2 in the match-making department (both introductions have ended in Marriage!) so I think I'm going to retire while my stats are still good!

We went to Naples the second week of April to attend the wedding of Channa Cook (a friend of mine from Tech) and Justin Jones (a school mate of Chad's). We introduced this precious little couple over 2 years ago and as they say....The rest is history!

The bride and groom to be!
The weather was beautiful and The Ritz Carlton resort was amazing!

The view from our balcony

We arrived on Thursday about noon and after checking in we headed to the Gumbo Limbo for some beverages and food. I had a West Coast "Grilled Cheese" (Shaved Molasses Cured Pork Loin, Smoked Gouda, Granny Smith Apple, Passion Fruit Mustard on Rosemary Pullman, Garden Salad ) and Chad ordered the All Sirloin Beef Burger, duh! After we had all decided that we were about to pop we headed to the beach for some sun! We hung out for awhile and enjoyed the beach before we started getting ready for a night out on the town in Naples!

We had dinner at Vergina's (VER-GEE-NA just in case you were wondering!) on Fifth Avenue it was Italian inspired food and the Veal was off the hook!

The rowdy crowd at Vergina's!

We walked across the street after dinner to Paddy's Murphy's Irish Pub. Let me tell you that we were a little out of place in Naples. We decided that the median age for that area is about you can imagine the looks that we got when a big group of 30 year olds walked into the pub...interesting...

JJ, Chad & Chris keeping Corona Lite in business!

Mer-Mer & Brit

We spent Friday at the beach and relaxed before getting ready for the Rehearsal Dinner that night!

After the Rehearsal Dinner we headed back to The Ritz and hung out at "The Bar"

Original name isn't it?

Kelly and I in front of "The Bar" ~ for some reason we thought that was just hilarious!

This is what a group of 30 year old women look like singing Hannah Montana Miley Cyrus...Nice.

Saturday morning Courtney and I got up early and went to check on para-sailing. We signed up to go, got on the boat, went to another resort to pick up a mother and daughter that were going with us and....the boat would not start again! They tried to get it going before they accepted defeat and took us back the The Ritz on a jet ski. Hey, atleast we got a jet ski ride out of it! We were bummed because that was the only time that we were able to go since we were flying out early on Sunday. Next time.

Our favorite adopted little sister (and baby-sitter) Courtney!

The wedding was at 5:00 and there was a nice breeze. We enjoyed appetizers and drinks before dinner and then the wedding party walked down to the beach for sunset pictures. Can I tell you that there in nothing more weird that standing on the beach in formal attire and posing for pictures and the tons of people that stop and take your picture. What? Why in the world would someone want a picture of complete strangers in wedding attire? Their were not just a few people...their were droves of people. One little Asian women literally stood behind the photographer and took all of the same pictures that she did...Is she going to try and pass these off as her own shots...I don't know - it was WEIRD! Then there is the guy in the water with his headphones on and his metal detector...dude, are you searching for a massive treasure that someone playing in the ocean just happened to drop? WTF? I'm thinking he is going to have to be photo shopped out of the sunset pictures...the guy just wouldn't take a hint and I can't imagine how he thought that he wasn't in the way...Here's your sign!

After pictures we boogied the night away...

Chad and Jack gettin' loose

JJ gettin' LOW!
and after the bride and groom left we closed down the hotel bar...again.

Are Teri and the Mister's eyes open?

It was a great time and I'm sure that I will eventually recover from the sun!

Flying home on Sunday! These are our excited faces!

We loved spending time at the beach BUT seeing this face when we got home late Sunday night was priceless!

Pee-Pie's monkey souvenier from The Ritz in Naples, Florida

Congratualtions Mr & Mrs Justin Jones!

That gonna take some getting used to!
You can view the rest of the pictures from our trip here:

Cook / Jones Wedding

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