Monday, February 11, 2008

Some Things I LOVE About This Child!

1. Her Rosy Cheeks
2. She ALL Smiles all most of the time
4. She loves to watch people
5. She loves her "silkies" too
6. She's a great sleeper
7. She will shop till she drops
8. She's easy going
9. She Loves her Daddy
10. She makes the cutest sounds
11. Those 2 front teef
12. The giggles
13. Those baby blue eyes
14. Watching her jump in her jumper
15. She's a cuddle bug
16. The slobbery kisses
17. She always knows how to make my day
18. Macee cracks her up
19. She's a little wiggle worm
20. Right now she doesn't mind my singing

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