Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dear *%#&$ Distributing, Inc.-

It appears that someone has broken into your system and tortured my account! Apparently, this grotesque human being rifled there way through your firewall about February 1, 2008.

The last time that I spoke with your ignorant accommodating customer service department I recall being very pleased as I hung up the phone having the issue resolved. Why would you assume that I would like to keep the fleece sheets that I ordered in December even though they are backordered until March/April…maybe one said (name being withheld) customer service “agent” is not clear with where Texas is located on the map…TEXAS / ALASKA, I think people get the two confused on all the time. But just the other day I received a “statement” in the mail for more $$$. Why do I owe you $7.85 when it took forEVER for me to get my order in the first place because you would NOT send me a statement, I had to send you a check in advance to cover the items in the shipment thus delaying my instant gratification. When I received the shipment (after picking it up at the local UPS station due to the wrong address on the box) I was pleased with the quality of the products but you made them in the wrong size (further delaying the whole instant gratification process – are you seeing the dilemma). This is when I spoke with the first of thousands “agent” regarding sending the items back; I wanted to make sure that I had everything that *%#&$ Distributing needed to ensure a timely and hassle-free refund.

Imagine my surprise when I get off the phone this morning with your BS CS Department only to find that the items did arrive back at your distribution center and that they GLADLY replaced the items and they were shipped out yesterday…arriving later this week – WHAT? I’m fairly certain that the first few times that I called the company (who does not have an 800 number – should have been my first clue) I talked to a real live person…pretty sure that I would know the difference between a real live human being and a digital recording of darth vador who doesn’t understand anything that I am saying and just hangs up on me. So I make another non-800 # phone call and get another representative who gladly tells me that she will send me a pre-paid UPS tag in the mail to place on the box when it arrives, it will send the box directly back to them and she has marked on my “account” to re-fund the products when they return NOT re-place. I do believe there are Angels among us.

Honestly, I find this rig-em-roll to be appalling (this might be the reason behind my headaches lately): all of this over 4 curtain panels and a set of King flannel sheets- obscene I tell you.

As my predicament is a cut and dry case of stupidity confusion, I rest assured knowing that *%#&$ Distributing- being the fine and upstanding institution I know you would want to be know as- will insist on absorbing my $7.85 shipping charges and re-FUNDING my hard earned money or maybe it was my husbands ASAP otherwise known as - AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

I appreciate your compassion and willingness to come to my aide in such a crisis. I look forward to doing business with you next time I’m experiencing the need for instant gratification.

Meredith F. Locker

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