Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My New Baby Book - Just Released!

Chapter One: How to get a baby to stop crying!
What do you do as a parent when you are trying to finish up a project and your baby is extremely tired, will not got to sleep and is just crying? If the crying isn't enough to wear baby out and make her realize that she is sleepy try this:
1. Pick baby up off bed and hold over left shoulder while doing the mommy rock.
2. Walk around the room and talk to baby in quiet voice while mommy rocking.
3. Stand there in shock while baby projectiles 3 gallons ounces of formula all over you.
4. Remove babies clothes, Remove your clothes.
5. Watch baby smile at herself in the mirror.
They just might start calling me the baby whisperer of Central Texas. I'm just getting THAT good at this mommy stuff!

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