Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Choice!

My kind and thoughtful husband got me 3 of the best-selling books of 2007 for Christmas.

I just finished Nicholas Sparks' The Choice. I always enjoy his use of flashbacks. In the choice they illustrated the highs and lows of true love. The main characters ''choice'' is surprising; He lead me to think it was one thing when it was really another. Moments in the book made me recall a lot of parallels in my own life. ''They were sitting across from a person who just might change the course of their lives.'' I like to think that I’m a fairly sentimental person and this lead me on a very sentimental journey. I had to stay up late on Sunday night to finish the book – I couldn’t stand not knowing what happened. My heart went out to the characters on several occasions in the book when they were faced with difficult “choices”. You felt like they were a really close friend and they had called you to get your opinion on a difficult decision.

I would recommend this book to anyone; start it on a Friday night and I can assure you that you will have it finished before bed on Sunday!

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