Friday, December 14, 2007

Dear Santa:

Dear Santa:

You might remember me, I came to visit you at your Downtown Brownwood workshop last Thursday. I was the woman that was crawling all over the floor in front of the photographer trying to get my daughter, Ella Grace to smile.

Certainly you remember us. This is our first year to come and visit you – but I know that there will be many more to come.

You smiled at us when we were leaving. Remember? Your belly jiggled like a bowl full of jelly.

Anyway. Now that you know who I am – I wanted to write you a note and see if perhaps The Father of Christmas could spot me a few things this year.

First, I would like to ask for another 2, 4, 6...okay maybe 10 hours in the day. I’ve read that people shouldn’t complain about how little time they have in life, considering we have the same number of hours in the day as Alexander Fleming, Galileo and Marie Curie. I’m not even going to try drawing a parallel between the importance of discovering penicillin, inventing the telescope or nuclear physics and say, doing a load of laundry. However, not a single on of the aforementioned ever had babies. If just one of those great minds had been a parent, I think that they would have used some of their time wisely to discover a way of keeping their children securely contained in a stroller, taking naps regularly or how to keep the cereal in their mouth.

Second, if at all possible, I would like to ask that the Christmas gifts that I have been ordering on-line, be delivered before the middle of February. It was only after I filled my virtual shopping cart to the brink with all of the items necessary to assure a “Merry” Christmas…and shelled out the equivalent of a mortgage payment and a half…that I received the message that my items may arrive in several shipments based on availability. (See, I really need those extra 10 hours in the day, Theoretically, I could have completed my Christmas shopping back in October…)

Third, I would like to ask that if the UPS drivers have a package to drop off…they kindly leave it on the step and not ring the bell THREE times and bang on the door like our house in on fire. (Is this pushing it in the wishing category?)

Fourth, I might need a bigger house. I really need a maid or three, a cook and a personal assistant. I’m coming to the conclusion that after Ella’s first Christmas with her adoring grandparents that we might be busting at the seams. I wouldn’t mind professional help with the preparation of decent meals….why do the “stars” have to hog the personal chefs?

Now, because I’m asking for a lot…I also want to give some thanks for things received.

I know you have connections, so I’d appreciate you passing on my sincere gratitude to the Powers That Be for the little voice that whispered in my ear as I was ordering 75+ pictures on-line for our Christmas card…that maybe I ought to send in the additional card that I had done. (it’s amazing how after you think your list is complete; your mind finally starts working and more names begin to surface – now if the pictures will only arrive before February…see Wish #2)

I would also like to thank the Powers That Be for the little voice that whispered in my ear back in November to even begin thinking about our Christmas cards. I’m fairly surprised by my preparedness this year. The envelopes are addressed, return address labels are applied and they are stamped….now if only the pictures would arrive. (So maybe I wasn’t as prepared as I made out to be)

However, more than any of those things, I’d like to thank the Powers That Be for making this the best Christmas ever. It is a bit hectic at our house, but being able to see my beautiful daughter experience the wonder of Christmas…well, it’s positively magical. (So maybe I’m enjoying this a little more than Ella)

Thanks Santa. I promise to leave cookies out on Monday night. (and maybe if there was a little more time in the day I might get the fireplace cleaned out for you….see Wish #1)

With much love & hopes for a safe flight
, Meredith

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