Monday, October 1, 2007

Ella Goes to the Beach

Ok, It was not only her first trip to the beach but, her first flight, first time across state lines, first wedding, first time to Florida, etc..

Last Thursday, Ella, Meredith and I accompanied by my parents left for Destin, FL. Wheels up at 8am. We arrived in Destin-Ft. Walton Beach at 11:45am. (last Thurs 9/27/2007 was Ella's one month birthday) We were on a much needed vacation but, the purpose of our trip was to attend the wedding of long time friend Ricky Clark to A.J Accardi. After lunch at the 'Back Porch' we moved into our three bedroom, three bath, condo with media room overlooking, from the fourth floor, beautiful Ft. Walton Beach and, took a nap. Since our presence was not required until the rehearsal dinner Friday night we spent the next 24 hours laying around, walking down the beach, and hanging out in the pool located directly below our balcony. Ella was a hit at the rehearsal dinner. She did not win the longest distance award or even the youngest baby award (beaten by only a few days and several thousand miles) but, she was the most behaved and best dressed kiddo in the place. Saturday morning we got up early and watched the sun rise, ate breakfast and then went to the beach around 10am. Ella took pictures and put her toes in the water and then watched mommy and daddy swim from the safety of Papa's (my dad) lap. She later made her first wedding appearance were she was once again well behaved and at the reception the bell of the ball. Sunday morning we were again wheels up at about 9:30am to put us back in Brownwood in time for lunch. Good trip all around. Ella was a model travel companion.
Chad (Daddy)

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